What We Do

We create value through the development of innovative products and systems which facilitate cost reduction in offshore wind.


The cost of energy from offshore wind is today unsustainable, with costs approaching £200/MWh.  Upcoming developments in far-shore and/or technically challenging environments will only result in higher costs, despite higher wind yields and potential improvements to project delivery.

Unless there is fundamental change in the approach to the deployment of offshore wind, a reduced cost of energy approaching £100/MWh will be difficult to achieve.


We believe that only with a fully integrated approach to the design of an entire wind farm, from manufacture and installation to maintenance and decommissioning can a step-change in cost reduction be achieved.

By using industry-leading designers who understand the challenges of operating in the marine environment, we think a target cost of energy of £100/MWh is achievable and we are currently engaged in several complementary design programs including: foundations, inter-array cabling and offshore installation methodologies.